Booking & Payment Terms for Makeup Application


· A 50% retainer fee is required upon confirmation of booking. This is non-refundable. If a booking date is cancelled, you willingly forfeit the entire retainer amount.

· If for any reason the client delays the start and finish times for the services, payment agreed upon between the service provider and client is required in full, and any wait time charges will apply at $50/hour.

 · Unless otherwise stated, travel costs are $1.00/km. Any travel costs are to be paid upon arrival of the Service Provider at the venue upon arrival or immediately after the services are rendered.

· Parking fees are the responsibility of the Client, if free and safe on-site parking is not available. These are to be paid directly by the client wherever possible, or, if paid for by the Service Provider, then they must be reimbursed at the venue upon arrival or after the services are rendered.

· Depending on time and location of services, night accommodations may apply. Costs will be calculated accordingly and payment will be the responsibility of the client.  This will be discussed and agreed upon in advance between the Service Provider and the Client.

· Bookings are made on a first come first serve basis. A wedding/event is not secured, until a retainer is received in cleared funds together with a signed Contract.

· The numbers of services booked are final. Once services are confirmed they must be redeemed on the day of the wedding/event.  Services cannot be carried over to future dates or events.

· Amendments to the contract are always subject to approval by both parties, and only if confirmed in writing.

· If time permits, additional services may be added to a booking by mutual agreement, with pricing quoted on the spot, and payment due immediately after receiving the service, unless otherwise agreed to.. However, original services must be completed first. 

· The balance of the booking cost (as specified above) is payable on or before arrival on the booking date. If the payment of the final balance is not made within 5 days of the event, a one time "service fee" of $100 for a negligent account and a daily fee of $25 will be added to the final balance until balance in cleared and paid in full, including all additional Service, negligence, and late fees. 

· Accepted methods of payment include cash, e-transfer, or credit card. Additional 2.75% service charge when paid by Credit Card (Mastercard/Visa). 

· If a wedding date is moved, all efforts will be made to accommodate this new date, however no guarantees can be made. If the changed wedding date cannot be accommodated, the retainer will be returned so long as the date change request was made at least 1 year in advance of the contracted Event date.  

·  The total cost payable does not include gratuities.

·  Acceptance of a quote and the signing of a Contract signifies the acceptance of these terms and conditions in their entirety.


 If, for any reasons you must cancel a booking:

· All deposits/retainers are non-refundable if you cancel your bookings after cleared funds are received and a signed contract is provided by the client. 

- If the client cancels with more than 90 days of notice, any amount above the deposit/retainer fee shall be returned.  

· If client cancels a booking 90 days or less prior to wedding/event date, they are responsible for the remaining balance owed on the signed agreement.

· In the event of a major catastrophe, personal injury, or other unforeseen circumstances, Steph Wong will make great efforts find an equally qualified artist to complete the services agreed upon. The new artist will complete all services accordingly to the agreed upon quote, and your retainer will be passed on to this new artist. No guarantee is offered or implied as to the availability of a replacement artists, in which case, the full amount of your retainer will be refunded.

· Any mistreatment or abusive conduct towards Steph Wong & her team members by the Bride, Bridal Party, Family or guests can result in the departure of Steph & her team, whether or not services are completed