Wedding Services

Wedding Day Makeup

Bride $150

Bridesmaids/Mothers/Guests $100

Junior Bridesmaids ( Ages 9 to 13 ) $50

Flower Girl ( Ages 8 under ) Free

Male Grooming $30

Wedding Day Hair

Bridal Hair $150

Bridesmaids/Mothers/Guests $100

Junior Bridesmaids ( Ages 9 to 13 ) $50

Male Grooming $30

*Wedding day Hair is available, I work with a few different hairstylists so depending on who you go with or who is available prices may vary $150-$300 ( please contact for quote )

Extras & Add on's

False Lashes $10 / $30 ( Strip/Mink )

Airbrush Makeup $30.00

Advance contouring $20

Tatto Coverage - please contact for quote

Installing Hair Extensions $30 (per pack)

Pre-booking Consultation $45/hour

Makeup & Hair Trials

Makeup Trial $150

Hair Trials $150

*I work with a hairstylist* 

 * A makeup and/or hair trial gives you the opportunity to experiment with 2-3 different looks before your wedding day.

* You can schedule your trial on a day you have an event to attend.

* Sessions are up to 2.5 hours for Makeup or Hair Trial, and up to 3.5 hours for Makeup and Hair Trial  

Return for Touch-up's, Early Mornings, Travel & Booking

* Return for touch-ups are $100 per hour, minimum 2 hours. Touch-ups are for those who received services.

* Travel fees are $1.00/km both ways

* For bookings earlier than 7:00 am, a charge of $50 per hour per artist is required.

* 50% deposit is required upon confirmation of booking, along with signed contract. This is non-refundable.


·         Cleanse face thoroughly before makeup application

·         Thread/Wax/Pluck any facial hair (eyebrows, side-burns, chin, upper-lip, and any other areas of face) and neck at least 4-5 days before.

·         Dry and detangled hair

* See all terms and conditions HERE


To book or consult with us, please click here.